Jan 17, 2013

Sit down my comic fans.

My sister would like me to tell the tale. She reminded me because of this post I reblogged.

Okay so Sit down and make yourself at home. I’m going to tell you a little story. WITH PICTURES! :D

Hi I’m Stephanie. This is me.


I happen to be a very good…. okay fanatic batman fan though I don’t show it


I get my love for the comic from my dad.


He’s very into the comics as much as I am… Maybe a bit more.




Okay a lot more of a fan than I

((The last one is a Batman Bath rug. I couldn’t get it so you see part of the wall.
This included. Batman bed shorts, A batman pillowcase, little finger skateboard, Cups. One of Batman from the 20 cent bin, a batgirl glass that costs 30 bucks. He now has the complete set. A batman Monster truck, a Batman Nightlight, A signed Happy birthday Batman painting (not including one that’s downstairs hanging on the wall) ))

That’s at least what we have here in Our house. At my grandfather’s house he has 4 large totes full of action figures and other memorabilia.

Oh and our Comic book collection is great too!


And yes. If you all are wondering what that purple box is. It is in fact the Batman breakfast cereal from 10 years ago…. No it does not have anything in it. Just the box..

Our collection might be small but in this picture alone we have at least I’d say 1500-3000 comic books. This includes misprints first editions same ones different covers. ALL have barely been out of their packaging. None with broken spines.

Why am I telling you all this?

Well I was shopping for my birthday with my sister and my cousin when a rather… large young man stopped me because I was wearing the same shirt as picture two at the time. He asked me if I knew where it was from and I told him specifically where it was in fact from. Walmart in the Marvel/DC Men’s Section. Okay I know you’re saying “Steph don’t be such a smartass” Not necessarily a smartass. He snarked a question and I pushed that snark right back at him because its true! When he asked me again I told him exactly which batman logo it was. (1998 The Batman Chronicles.) And he proceeded to call me a fake. That I didn’t know anything because I’m a girl. And of course I’m a girl. I can’t read. I can’t understand story lines. Its just not possible. So I called him out on the fact that he was being rather sexist. He kept quizzing me and quizzing me. I kept getting them right! He was frustrated at this point and walked off continuing to call me a fake. My sister and Cousin stood a few feet away not doing anything because they weren’t really sure how to handle the situation. I walked over to them and told them what happened.

Why am I telling you this? Am I making such a big stink of it? Maybe. But I think its the fact that I see so much of this “You’re a girl. You can’t understand comics. Therefore your a fake” But its never been put in perspective. This really does happen… And it kinda sickens me. Why would you judge someone just based on their sex? Why do I have to be a boy to enjoy comic books? No of course not!

I just want to say to all the ladies out there who’s had this happen. Show them who’s boss. Pull out the snark and don’t back down. They’ll get fed up with you and you feel great about yourself.

Okay thank you for sticking around! four bonus points to my followers. You go followers.